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Joe Stanton

I was gifted an older Mac G4 (as well as a Linux box) running at 600Mhz for some cross-platform work I have been doing for an antique computer society (www.cyber1.org - PLATO).

I never even tried any of the stuff you tried, I just ponied up about $150 or so for a decent USB/VGA KVM (www.cablestogo.com) and last night finally got all 4 of my computers hooked up.

Dell OptiPlex GX620 (server)
Dell M70 Laptop
SUSE Linux on a generic 600 Mhz box
Mac OSX on a PowerMac G4

I would have loved to have a way to do virtual machines, but one of the things I needed was authentic hardware or 100% assurance of correct architecture emulation. Part of my work on the Cyber1 system includes updating the terminal program which embeds an 8080 emulator and so knowing the hardware architecture is important.

Rob Fahrni

Hey Cass,

Come on in, the water's fine. The interesting thing about running a Mac is VMWare Fusion on the Mac is smoking fast! I run Windows XP and Ubuntu virtualized every day without complaint.

And, yes, I run all the development tools I need to do my job. The other administrative stuff works just fine natively on the Mac; Entourage, Safari, etc...

If you have any Windows specific apps I'm sure you'll find they run as expected.

I have zero complaints.

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