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Sheree Ervin

This is great feed back in order to continue our testing for project importing. If you feel like emailing me with additional details about your plugins and components, I'd like to give them a try and see what we'll see from a testing perspective. Please send me an email at servin@codegear.com if you would like to persue this.


how I wish we can just upgrade our IDEs without uninstalling anything and all 3rd party will work with no worries.

Julian M Bucknall

You raise some good points about the efforts needed to migrate to a newer version of any IDE, in particular Delphi. I would tend to boil it down to "are the new benefits worth more than the complete hassle in converting/installing everything". It's essentially the same equation for installing a new operating system.

CodeRush for Delphi is a good example of the problems you can face. It explicitly requires the IDE API that was available in D6 and D7 (I forget the name or initialism). For the newer Delphi IDEs based on the Galileo architecture, the IDE API changed completely, and in fact wasn't as broad as its predecessor. So it would have required a major rewrite and, for various reasons which are not worth discussing here, was never done, Instead Mark Miller, the CodeRush architect and principal designer, wrote CodeRush for Visual Studio, a vastly bigger market. I really couldn't say whether Castalia at al are a good replacement or not.

As regards our VCL controls, we've been keeping up with the Delphi releases as they come down the pike. Admittedly, changes haven't been that onerous for us up to now, but Tiburon is going to prove very interesting for us with the new Unicode support. Luckily for many like you, we've been maintaining support for D6 and D7 as we've been moving forward, but I'll have to say that Tiburon is likely to force us to start splitting code into "only Tiburon and above" versus "D6 and above".

Remember you can always email me at julianb@devexpress.com is there's something I haven't covered.

Cheers, Julian

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