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Joe Stanton

I've also got uber-Apple friends who say "Get a Mac!".

I almost got a MacBook when I bought my most recent laptop, but I wanted to run Windows w/o beta Boot Camp and I wanted a small screen laptop, and I wanted 4Gb of RAM. MacBook at the time had a 2Gb limit (MacBook Pro 4Gb). So I got a Dell.

Nice little Vista box (XPS 1330) with all the B&W's. Had two small problems with it, the Bluetooth driver malfed on resume from standby, which caused all USB devices to stop working. MS released a hotfix that made me happy. Right now the only incompatible software I have found is the Hauppauge WinTV USB device (it went all BSOD on me).

Sounds like you do a lot more hardware specific stuff than I do.

From my POV, this all sounds just like the when XP SP0 was released, everyone hated it and stuck with Windows 2000 until SP1 and SP2 came out. Now XP is the old reliable mule? So far I have had very good, even excellent, results with Vista, and it is the OS that MS is selling and is being put on all new computers.

Biggest complaint with Vista is UAC, which I disabled.

I expect Vista SP1 to alleviate issues with UAC and by then perhaps the hardware vendors (please Hauppauge, I want my WinTV back) will get on the bandwagon.

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