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John Wilfong

The problem I see with this tool is what if the client likes the glyphs, tab styles, table styles, etc provided in the mock up and the tools, glyphs, component sets you use can't duplicate the mock up? It would be better for the app to exceed expectations then the mock-up to exceed the app. What would be cool would be if the mock-up app could provide a 'paper-napkin' style skin.

Kumaravel Somasundaram

It is easy to create simple napkin style GUI designs with DesignerVista. After reading your comments, I have designed a simple login dialog with just two controls Rectangle Shape and Label.

Screen shot:

Data File:

Moving forward, I am planning to add more controls for Web Application design and add simulation behaviour, so that entire application flow can be simulated.

Regarding cost, I think it is reasonable when compared with similar products price $499 and above.

FYI. we have added new feature to export the designs as HTML files for easy distribution.

Cass McNutt and John Wilfong, Thank you for your comments.

Peter Severin

There are now many more specialized wireframe and mockup tools out there. One of them is WireframeSketcher that works in Eclipse IDE. It also supports other tools like Aptana, Flash Builder and Zend Studio. It lets you quickly mockup your interfaces using a design independent wireframy style. Mockups cannot be mistaken for real UI which helps you gather better feedback and avoid the "is it finished already" question. Check it out here:

Jessica Perry

I have been using visio 2007 for software application design, data storage design for quiet a long time and find it very useful. It has good add-ins, templates and tools for various business purpose. You can download free add-ins and tools here http://visiotoolbox.com/downloads/addins/

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