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Joe Stanton

After 10 months or so living with Vista, and seeing it get progressively LESS stable after SP1 and various updates, etc., I have decided to still stick with Vista. Why subject myself to this pain? Because if I don't then my product development will continue to live in the XP world. We all may hate Vista, but the people buying my software have Vista Home Basic edition on their new laptop. I must eat the dogfood that Steve Ballmer is packaging if I want to eat at all.


My view is that where and what I develop IN is entirely my choice, as long as I keep in mind where I'm delivering TO in the process. In my case, I'm choosing to develop in XP, but I test on Vista before rolling out.

I know some folks (quite a few actually) who develop on a Mac, but target a Windows world. I think, increasingly, it will matter less and less what platform we develop ON, and more and more what architecture (which is not necessarily the same thing as platform) we develop FOR.

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