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Nice job, works perfectly. Thank you!


Worked for me, thanks. I had to use this to clear onr of my zombie accounts that I decided to use legitimately.

Awesome awesome tool. 6 Thumbs up


Is this working for anyone?


How do you run this on a mac?


It doesn't work. #2This version of TweetMassDelete is
expired. Please download the
latest version."

This is what it tells me to do. But i don't find any update version of it. Do you have one?


It says "This verison of TweetMassDelete is expired, please download the latest version." but when I search for updates it says there isn't any...? Help please? I need this!

Kittenish Cutie

Just wondering when the new version will be posted... I'd really love to try this program out! My timeline is a mess.


Very nice work there, dude.
So hopeful here for the new version. ;)


23-9-2011: it's expired and can't be updated. Is it going to be working any soon?


OK, guys, im here to offer you another service- tweetdeleter.com - you might see it usefull.
What does it do? It allows you to delete multiple tweets within specific time, date or keywords. Just check it out! (its was launched on 20.11 in garage48.org event and is working as beta version now). you are welcome to use it and share ideas- what would you like to have in that kind of service ;)


Found this app just an hour or so ago, downloaded it from what ever website I was on, and it said out of date. I came here thinking this would be a great tool; sorry to hear you have discontinued support and development.

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