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Andrius Kulikauskas

Hi Cass! How are you? I've been thinking that another solution would be the "compassion" test. The public (by way of the federal, state and local government) can decide what health care it wants to provide as part of compassion to all. So, for example, compassion might suggest paying 100% of chemotherapy a 20-year-old cancer patient but 0% for chemotherapy for an 80-year-old cancer patient; but paying 100% of pain medication in both cases. Or 0% for a patient who doesn't play their part - like quitting smoking, if that's relevant. These choices would be based on what the public can afford and chooses to cover for everybody. This would be covered for all and that would eliminate the overhead (maybe one-third) that comes from record keeping, insurance, etc. Then there would be insurance (private and/or public) for everything that's not covered by public compassion.

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